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NRCFLE Holds Summer Senior Seminar for “English Weekly” E

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From July 17 to July 31 2010, NRCFLE held “Linguistics and Applied Linguistics Summer Senior Seminar” for “English Weekly” Editors. The courses include Schools of Linguistics, Pragmatics, Neurolinguitsics, Sociolinguistics, Pre-evaluation in Language Testing, English Teaching Methodology, Learning Strategy, Task-based Language Teaching, English Writing, in addition to 8 academic lectures.

 NRCFLE faculty members Prof. Liu Runqing, Prof. Zhou Yan, Prof. Han Baocheng, Prof. Dai Manchun, Prof. Liang Maocheng, Dr. Xu Jiajin were in the seminar to give courses and deliver lectures. Other invited experts included Prof. Liu Daoyi, Prof. Gong Yafu, Prof. Du Xuezeng, Prof. Cui Gang, Prof. Luo Shaoqian. The participants said at the summary of the seminar that they benefitted a lot from the seminar, with their horizon widened, thoughts activated, visions changed and new ideas emerging on how to publish better “English Weekly”. They also said that the experts have profound knowledge and strong work ethic and their courses and lectures are humorous, informative yet easy to understand and left them a very deep impression.
Group Photo
Group Photo